Innovation Governance -
its role in leadership
Why Innovation matters
Background Comments
Innovation Dimensions
Appropriating Value
Supportive Challenge
Open Innovation
Rigorus Gates
Engaging Users
Innovation Skills
Innovation Governance Checklist
Implementing Innovation Governance

Implementing Innovation Governance

One important message from this analysis is that Innovation Governance needs to have pervasive impact and interacts with many other aspects of management and leadership practice. This can make it a daunting prospect to introduce, even in an organisation without a strong history of innovative behaviour. The guidance contained in the website is intended to help by breaking down the necessary framework into reasonably independent elements which will generally already of accountable individuals in place. This means the implementation of an effective Innovation Governance Regime can focus on establishing these accountabilities, then providing the leadership and oversight to ensure each element is well designed and firmly implemented.

The assumption is that introducing or revising an innovation governance regime will be a major change management event for an organization with the full engagement of senior executives. While the structural details can be developed and rolled out relatively quickly, the associated changes in culture and behaviour will be a journey needing continued attention.

External support to this process is likely to be important, and Pinoak Innovation Consulting, with its partners, is able to provide strategic and implementation advice. For more information, please contact



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